World Peace Strats in the Heart

Maria Jesus  Marin Lopez

My heart is happy, and I would like to share this happiness with you. It’s time to TAKE ACTION! I wake up every morning with the same question, ”what can I do to bring Peace into the World?” I was talking to my mother, and I know she prays everyday, so I asked her what does she pray for. She told me she prays for me and my brothers and for WORLD PEACE! As soon as she mentioned those words my heart jumped with excitement as for years I’ve been holding the vision of a World of Peace. A few days later I asked her if she believed World Peace could be achieved. She said “Of course not, it’s impossible, look around you” and my heart sank. She left me with these questions: How can I become WORLD PEACE? What can I do to make other people believe is possible? What qualities or gifts do I have to bring Peace into the World?

The power of one is the power of the community

We must empower ourselves and empower each other!

As our souls evolve over the centuries and millennium every era has a collective teaching to grow in awareness. If you think about soul evolution in relation with the energy of the chakras. (Astrologers say each era takes about 2000 years and we are just finishing a 14000 year cycle). Humanity has risen awareness over the root (survival)and sacral (emotions and relating to others) chakra. We are now just about to finish the solar plexus (individuality, own power) and in this new era that is just around the corner we are moving into the energy of the heart chakra, unconditional love to all life forms (including yourself!!!) So, this answers my question: What can I do to bring WORLD PEACE? The answer is to explore and integrate the energy of the heart chakra. Unconditional love is the highest vibration known to man at this time, we all need to vibrate at this frequency to achieve WORLD PEACE. And by YOU raising your vibration you are raising the vibration of the WORLD. So WORLD PEACE is in our hands.

What is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? Love without expectations or conditions. Detachment of things, places, feelings, people… One can only practise non-attachment from a place of unconditional love, and that unconditional love must start with unconditional love to/for yourself. That’s why we are healing all of our dramas and traumas, to come to this realisation, I AM UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. But to move to this level we need to learn all the lessons of the solar plexus chakra, What does it mean to be an individual holding your own power? I’m sure some of you are thinking: “how?” “it’s too hard” ”It’s impossible” “I’m only one person”… believe in the power of one. If you look at history, everything started with just one person and then everyone followed. Energy follows intent! If you truly believe anything can be achieved! Personally, this is a year of stabilising a community of individuals, heart-like individuals. We are all independent but connected. The mind holds beliefs, and there are many beliefs. The heart can only hold UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and there my friends, we are all connecting at the same level. Hearts don’t talk as they don’t need to justify themselves or explain themselves. Hearts just ARE!

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