What is a TOXIC Relationship?

  • A relationship built on infidelity and dishonesty.
  • A relationship full of everyday drama.
  • A relationship that sucks the happiness out of you.
  • A relationship that is stagnant and without growth.
  • A relationship without friendship at its base.
  • A physically and emotionally abusive relationship.
  • A relationship with an extremely controlling partner.
Learn to create healthy relationships where you are able to:
  • Love yourself
  • Create healthy limits
  • Communicate consciously
  • Discover what blocks you emotionally and spiritually
  • Connect with your personal power
  • Book a coaching session with me, it will prepare  you at all levels so you can JUST BE FREE TO BE YOURSELF
When relationships become toxic, it can be difficult to feel heard and understood. I help you discover what's under the conflict of the relationship and how to solve it together.
  • We look at the toxic patterns that are constantly repeated.
  • We explore the four main wounds: abandonment and rejection, separation, control and fear.
  • A holistic approach that works on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of who you are.
  • You will learn a holistic approach that analyzes relationships and behavior, understanding the unconscious and emotional worlds of others.
Can toxic people change?
I think toxic people can change, I see it every day with my clients. Change happens if they really want to change and realize that they are hurt in some way.Talking about toxic people is a very hot topic today. Lately, it seems that everyone is toxic. In fact, we are all potentially toxic in some way. So what does it mean to be toxic? In my experience, when there is something in our lives that has not been resolved and that we carry as trauma, there is a separation with ourselves. This leads to different abusive behaviors: Violent language, emotional or mental control or they may appear in other ways. Therefore, when we talk about toxic people, I think it is very important that we do not judge the person, nor catalog them as bad. We should see them as people that are hurting. Depending on the level of the wound and how they express it, it can be important to break with that relationship and move away. Sometimes, it is the only option. But do not generalize, it depends on the person. Well, it is possible to find a way to understand them.When we are involved in a toxic relationship it is important to see this relationship as a Co-creation, what do I mean by this, this relationship is created by the two people for unconscious reasons. I always say that there is no wrong relationship. In every relationship we have there is an opportunity to get to know ourselves better, to see our pain and suffering. The purpose of all our relationships is to learn to love ourselves more deeply through the experiences and dynamics we create with others. Being "toxic" is not a personal choice, it is rooted in a very deep unconscious pain. It is our personal responsibility to charge ourselves with courage and look with compassion at our darker side and stop pointing our finger at everything we perceive as "toxic" outside of us. The antidote to heal our toxic relationships is courage, compassion and wisdom.

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