Are You Attracting Emotionally Unavailable People?

When looking at our relationships we need "A balanced approach", – As we mature and gain a certain degree of awareness, we realise that the reason our love is not being received may mean that something else is going on with the other person. The other person could be feeling fear or may not want to be loved, or he or she may have some issue and not be ready. It’s important to realise that if our love is not being received, it’s not necessarily because of us. We need to move away from labelling ourselves and our love as ‘not good enough’. Changing to a different label, such as ‘maybe the person is not yet ready to receive my love’ may be helpful in softening any sense of hurt, but it’s also sometimes good to acknowledge that other people have their own needs and desires and that this is their right. This doesn’t diminish who we are, nor does it change our ability to love and be loved. Sometimes it may even mean that there’s a better situation for all involved, and in that case, we are receiving a gift, even if we can’t see that yet. Whatever the situation, it’s never a measure of our own or the other person’s basic worth.