Commitment to Success

Coaching Program

"Commitment: the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc."
To succeed at anything we need to be committed, it is the focus and dedication that comes with commitment that creates the right mind set to fulfil our goals in life.

This exclusive Commitment to Success Program can teach you how to embrace your true self with confidence so you can enjoy harmony in relating to others.

I’ve spent the past 22 years consciously working on myself.

When I look back I'm amazed at what I have created in my life: I'm at ease with myself, I have a harmonious marriage full of love and mutual understanding, I'm a conscious mother to 3 wonderful boysand I'm passionate about my work .

I understand how hard it can be to have harmony in relationships because I was once in that place of feeling alone, misunderstood, taken advantage of and in unhealthy romantic relationships.

I have discovered that the key lies within each one of us. Isn't it amazing to know that the power to empowered relationships it's within you?

When we become aware of our unconscious patterns we become FREE, we can then consciously choose and be in alignment with our heart. When we do this our true purpose comes alive and we move away from fear.

I know these steps can help you create harmony in your relationships because I have used them myself to create empowered relationships and I have guided thousands of people to learn to love themselves more.

  • Self awareness and emotional ownership

  • Healing of unconscious wounds

  • Learn to become assertive and stay in your power

  • Healthy empowered communication

  • Stop reacting destructively to triggers

  • Experience ease and harmony

And the good news is I can help you do this, all you need is to commit to the process and show up!

This program can help you move past that feeling of NOT loving yourself and move you right into the pleasure of loving who you truly are and share that with others.

You can now have the clarity and power behind your heart and I will show you how to build your self-acceptance so you can get the most out of your relationships and life.

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"I did this program looking for something, and I was not sure about what I was looking for. After 12 months with Maria Jesus I found the best part of myself, Thank you Maria Jesus this was an amazing experience!"


"I would recommend and have recommended this program to anyone who is seeking to know themselves better, to understand who they are and who wants to improve their relationships with others and with themselves. I got sow much out of this program that it's hard to put into words but one needs to go through it to understand. It touches on so many vital aspects of relationships and also it allows us to connect with ourselves through understanding ourselves better. Maria, thank  you, thank you , thank you!!"


"I would strongly recommend this program as it has been a life changing experience. The topics are very interesting and have helped to have a clear vision of how empowered relationships should be towards ourselves and others. Maria delivers the program in a very easy and approachable way. She makes us feel at ease and we are able to share our experiences in a comfortable and caring way. Thanks for sharing your profound knowledge with us and make our journey so much easier"


"I highly recommend Maria's program. It's an opportunity to learn and grow in a trusting and healing environment. The program guides you through some key principals of accepting and trusting who you are and learning to love yourself"


"Through Maria Jesus' insightful and inspired facilitation this program has helped me to connect with parts of myself that I was unaware of and has helped me to see how I have been blocking myself from being able to have a healthy loving romantic relationship. Having done this program I feel I can now see my own pitfalls, learn to heal them and open myself up to positive empowered relationships where everyone's a winner"