Are You An Energy Vampire?

As adults we probably carry some unmet needs from our childhood. Unconsiously we are searching for someone or something to fill our void. The only person responsible for fulfilling your needs is you. Nobody else in this world can fulfil your needs. Many of your unmet needs can manifest in the body, heart, mind and soul as an energetic wound. When your soul finds a way to fulfil your needs, then you can be free of them. Ego selfishness and Spiritual selfishness are two different things. The first one comes from a place of lack but Spiritual selfishness, which can be defined as self-responsibility, means that your first priority is to love yourself, and your second priority is to know that you are a self-sufficient individual.
You provide love, freedom and communication for yourself. It is from this place of selflove that we can relate to others and the world in harmony.