The Healers Journey

Maria Jesus Marin Lopez

The Healer’s Journey brings you through the path to SELF discovery.

I had my first spiritual awakening at the age of 6. I remember it very clearly. I was a very angry little girl. I felt unloved and misunderstood. I felt trapped in my body as I felt the power of who I truly was, but it was only me who could see this as everyone else saw me as just a little girl, someone’s daughter. I moved to a new school, a catholic school run by salesians nuns. There was a little chapel beside my classroom and one day I felt an inner calling to go in. As I walked in I felt a warmth and calmness that allowed me to connect with my heart in a way I had never experienced before. From that moment I knew everything would be OK, that I was loved and my voice was heard. I wasn’t alone, I was part of something greater than I. From that day something changed within, anger disappeared and I knew that my life’s purpose was to help others to re-connect with themselves.

Years later, I realized that ‘helping others’ brought me a lot of suffering. There was something I was doing wrong. I couldn’t understand why my life’s purpose wasn’t bringing me happiness. Then I questioned myself  ‘what do I need to do differently?’ and all I could hear, see and feel was the word empowerment! At that stage in my life empowerment was alien to me. As I learned about empowerment I could see what I had been doing wrong. In helping others I was trapped in doing everything for them, believing that I could take their suffering away, but now I knew that helping others meant to empower myself and lead by example. I understood that by going deep within my wounds and transcending the attachment to pain and illusion, by holding a non judgmental existence and open arms of infinite acceptance I knew then that that was the way I could truly help others. When I transform my suffering into love I’m enabling and supporting others to re-connect with their hearts.

My belief changed from –I’ll do it for you– into –If I can do it so can You

What is a spiritual healer?

Someone who looks deep within, transforms suffering and illusion. Someone who is in an inner quest to develop courage, compassion and wisdom. Someone who is aiming to commune with the Divine (inner & outer) Someone who holds sacred space for others so they can find their truth. Someone who is committed to learning to love more everyday of their life. Someone who empowers others. Ultimately, Someone who embodies LOVE and their presence anchors LOVE.

What is healing?

We are self-healing beings.

Physical Body. We all acknowledge that the body can and does heal itself given the chance.  If you cut your finger, your physical body automatically releases plaques and antibodies to bring about self healing. (This is the Medical arena)

Emotional Body. If your heart is broken by a loved one or a situation, your heart grieves.  And grief is the natural emotion and first step in the healing process.  It is only when grief is not acknowledged and allowed to simply be that we start erecting self destructive walls that impede our life journey. (This is the prevue of an Emotional Counseling)

Mental Body. If you have allowed your mind to fill with toxic and negative thoughts it is vital to your health and happiness to rid your mind and heart of this toxicity.  You must acquire new learning skills and techniques to create a positive mind set.  (This is the area of Psychotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Spiritual Body.  Have ever experienced a sense of isolation or disconnection from yourself, as if a part of you was missing?   Welcome these times as this is when your spiritual body creates situations that open the door to synchronization for reconnection!  You need to be aware of the door opening and be ready to walk through.  This is the venue of Spiritual Healing allowing you to embody your true self.

As I said before, all healing is self healing, so why would you need the help of a healer? Because a healer has been where you are now, the healer can not learn the lesson for you or take your pain away, but can hold you in their presence knowing that YOU CAN DO IT!

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