Healing at 3 Levels

We can only LOVE at the level of consciousness we are at. When I talk about LOVE I talk about a state of being, a deep connection with the essence of our true nature, our SOUL. I see this a lot in my work with people. If we could measure LOVE in a scale from 0 to 100 we all fall somewhere in between. I see people in relationships where they feel lonely, unseen, unheard, unloved not realizing that independently of what’s going on in the outside all of these feelings and experiences are a reflection of an inner separation, a disconnection from the true self. For example, if in the scale of LOVE your number of self love is 40, you will perceive and experience the world at 40. Any gestures, actions or situations above that number will just be invisible to you, you won’t be able to relate to them. When you work on yourself and learn to love yourself more and let’s say you move up to 50 then new experiences will become available to you and your relationships will become more authentic.

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