When We Move Away From Each Other

María Jesús Marín López

There are times in our relationships that we start to move away from each other. This is a slow process, it doesn´t happen over night, all it takes is to keep a little secret, withhold feelings of frustration, get distracted with work, taking the other person for granted, etc. If we are not aware of the small steps that we take away from each other one day we realize that we are in fact very far from each other. We then start moving our focus to other things and people.
In my experience, lack of love is never the issue, instead is lack of attention and intention. We often think that love alone is enough, the truth is that love is a seed that needs to be equally nourished by both people in the relationship.
I believe it is imperative to mention that when a wound dynamic shows up between two people, both of them need to take ownership of their part for healing to take place. Otherwise the relationship will be stuck and stagnant.
Wound dynamics include: abandonment, rejection, control, separation, betrayal, fear, childhood traumas, etc.
In my experience every relationship will go through this wound dynamics as a way to go deeper into love. Not every relationship will survive this. Courage, wisdom and compassion are key elements to evolve the relationship. A relationship is a co-creation, therefor everything that arises belongs to the two people. 
There are times in life where we must close a door and open a new one up. Life is always changing, evolving, moving us into new spaces, inside and outside ourselves. In our relationships we can sometimes fall into the illusion that we are walking the same path together. The reality is that our paths are always individual. In this walking alone we can meet our partners at a stop to share our individual path. No one can walk your path for you and you can´t walk anyone else's path. The energy of relationships are in constant movement. Relationships are always asking us for more connection, more love, more truth. Relationships are always guiding us into being authentic. It´s hard when the cycle of chaos arrives, time to destroy the old is never pleasant but it´s a must for the relationship to grow and rebirth itself.

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