Everything is Easy

Maria Jesus Marin Lopez

I had the perception that everything was difficult, and of course that belief manifested in a very difficult  life. From childhood that’s all I heard and saw “Life was hard” One day I contemplated the notion “what if things were easy?” After a few months of “self brain washing” my perception of life started to amazingly change. 

In my experience the first thing I had to do to move away from a Self-created Difficult World into a Self-created Easy World was to move away from EXPECTATIONS. I didn’t realize that I was so hard on myself and that somehow a false sense of perfection was ruling my life.

I learnt to move away from EXPECTING Perfection into ACCEPTING Perfection. I learnt that every single moment is perfect as it is. In this moment I’m as perfect as I can be. This change of thought brought me great peace and I could see the world through different eyes.

ACCEPTING means to let everything flow without judgment. I learnt that there is no good or bad feelings. I learnt the language of my emotions which can not be understood by the mind but only by the heart. I learnt that my feelings are not who I am but what I feel. I learnt not to identify with my career or behaviour as they are just things I do. I let my thoughts to be free as there was no need to hold on to them any more. Somehow I started a journey of awareness into meeting the REAL I…

When the REAL I was allowed to be, I realized that life was quite easy in fact.

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