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Empowered Relationships

The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself, as every other relationship is a mirror of the one within. No one in this world can ever fulfil your “needs”, your need to be loved, your need to feel appreciated or feel wanted. Only you can fulfil these needs, only you can make yourself whole, and only then can you share who you are with someone else. When you accept love that is “unconditionally offered” and not love that is “conditionally needed” then you can truly appreciate and be grateful for the opportunity to share love with someone else.
We spend our lives searching for LOVE. Awaiting for someone to love and someone to love us.

When we meet that person our heart can open like never before. Sometimes we feel we would do anything for the other person and expect the same in return.

Do we really know how to love? and most importantly, do we know how to receive love?

Often, as soon as we open our hearts, strong feelings of fear can overtake us. Doubt and old wounds show themselves and we start to find excuses to move away from love.

How to create an Empowered Relationship?

1.- Accepting Uniqueness. Learn to love and appreciate the way your partner shows their love. Don’t expect that everyone should show love the same way you do.

 2.- Move your focus. See what your partner is doing for you instead of focussing on what he/she is not doing.

 3.- Empowered Communication. Move away from blaming and realize that any given situation has been created by both.

 4.- Personal Healing. The more you love and accept yourself the more you’ll be able to create a loving relationship.

 5.- Become Love. As we explore the polarities of giving and receiving love we embody love. Learn to love yourself through your partner. 

 6.- Establish Boundaries. Learn to create empowered physical, emotional, mental & spiritual boundaries.

 7.- Awareness. Becoming aware of the mayor wounds played out in the relationship:

– Abandonment / True source of love

– Separation / Connection

– Fear / Trust

– Control / Freedom

8.-  Being present. Work to clear energetic imprints of previous relationships, or  unresolved issues/traumas.

 9.- Commitment to love. Allow yourself to stay in the relationship when the inner saboteur wants to run away.

 10.- Sacred Sexuality. Allow a deeper connection.

When we allow another’s love we are loving ourselves.

Can we ever be pain free? Only when we accept our human experience. Sadness, loneliness, separation, etc. are not the root cause of pain but how each individual chooses to express their disconnection with themselves.

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